Compared to a cracked or broken tooth, one that is lightly chipped may not seem like a huge deal. However, if it isn’t treated promptly, then the chip can progress further, becoming more severely damaged and needing extensive treatment to restore. Fortunately, you can minimize the amount of work you’ll need to fix your chipped tooth with cosmetic tooth bonding. In many cases, bonding can repair the minor damage to your tooth while restoring its structural integrity as well as your smile’s overall appearance.

How Tooth Bonding Works

Tooth bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that describes the application of tooth-colored resin to the chipped area of your tooth. The resin is a biocompatible mixture of finely ground acrylic and glass-like particles, which can be tinted to the specific color of your tooth. After your dentist places the resin, he can carefully sculpt it to match the naturally attractive contours of your teeth and smile. After curing the resin with a special light, your dentist will polish the bonding to create beautiful, durable, and highly lifelike results.

In More Severe Cases

Sometimes, a chip in a tooth may become a more serious crack under the pressures of biting and chewing, or the initial damage itself may be too severe for tooth bonding to repair. In such cases, your dentist may suggest a more comprehensive restoration, such as a lifelike porcelain dental crown. Like bonding, a crown’s purpose is to rebuild compromised tooth structure so you can continue biting and chewing normally without causing more damage to your tooth.

Is Your Tooth Chipped? Ask Us About Tooth Bonding!

If your tooth is chipped or lightly cracked, then tooth bonding may be the best and most conservative option to fix it. To find out if bonding can fix your chipped tooth, schedule a consultation by calling Just Wright Dental in Corsicana, TX, today by calling (903) 225-2221.