The part of your tooth that rests on top of your gums is known as its crown. Underneath the highly resilient enamel that covers it lies a dense, slightly porous material known as dentin (the main portion of your tooth). When the dentin is cracked or damaged, your tooth may need a restorative dental crown to prevent further injury and re-establish your ability to bite and chew comfortably. If the tooth is too damaged to fix and needs to be extracted, or if you’ve already lost the tooth, then a crown-supported dental bridge may be able to replace it. A bridge consists of one or more adjoined replacement teeth, or pontics, that are supported by crowns attached to neighboring healthy teeth, holding your prosthesis securely in place.


Dental crowns are lifelike replicas of teeth and are typically recommended for teeth that are fractured, broken, treated with large fillings, or that have received root canal treatment. Made from lifelike materials such as dental porcelain, crowns are designed to restore a tooth’s function as well as its healthy appearance, making them an ideal cosmetic solution for some severely blemished teeth. Dental bridges are frequently recommended for patients who’ve lost one or more adjacent teeth, and can often be supported by dental implants to preserve your remaining healthy teeth.

crown an bridge

One Simple Step

Today’s technology allows us to simplify the delivery of a crown into just one appointment providing a Tooth-in-a-day. After gentle shaping of the tooth, detailed digital images captured by a computer give us the data we need to design your new restoration. Powerful software coupled with our training leads to a crown milled from the finest porcelain available, within a few minutes. We bond your new crown firmly into place, and you’ll be on your way! We look forward to introducing you to the difference advanced dental techniques make in your experience!

Why Choose Just Wright Dental

  • No waiting — we can complete your crown in one day!
  • In-house lab uses the highest-quality materials available
  • Digital software means no goopy molds are needed to create a custom crown

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