Plaque doesn’t take long to accumulate on your teeth and calcify into tartar. The oral bacteria it contains don’t take long to attack, weaken, and eventually erode the enamel protecting your teeth, either, leading to tooth decay and a cavity. When good hygiene and preventive dental care fail to stop a cavity, a tooth filling can save the tooth by reinforcing it after Dr. Wright has cleaned away the decayed tooth structure. We only use biocompatible materials to fashion fillings, such as tooth-colored composite resin instead of metal, so your restored tooth looks and feels as good as it did before the cavity formed.

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Besides a more attractive and natural appearance, tooth-colored fillings offer several benefits over more traditional metal ones. For instance:

  • They’re safer for your teeth—One of the biggest problems with metal fillings is that, like all metal, they can change shape over time, expanding in the heat and contracting in the cold. To prevent your filling from damaging your tooth or exposing it to further infection, resin fillings conform to the shape of your cavity and remain that way once hardened with a curing light.

  • They protect your teeth more effectively—In addition to retaining their shape, tooth-colored fillings bond more securely to the cavity walls, creating a more effective seal. Because of this, resin fillings do a better job of stopping oral bacteria from entering the cavity and re-infecting the tooth.

  • They can be used for cosmetic purposes—Tooth-colored composite resin is the same material used for cosmetic tooth bonding to correct blemishes on the outer surfaces of your teeth. The material blends in almost seamlessly with your smile making it a versatile material for both restorative and cosmetic purposes.

Why Choose Just Wright Dental for Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Only the highest-quality biocompatible materials are used
  • Repairs damaged teeth while maintaining a completely natural look
  • Preserves teeth from further damage unlike metal fillings

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