I travel a lot for work, so I would only go intermittently. Turns out that I had a couple teeth that were bothering me really bad. Ever since…we finished, I travel around the world and I never have to worry, I don't have any problems anymore. It's been fantastic.

When I came here, I found they do sedation. You come in and they hook you up to an IV and an hour or two hours later, you wake up and someone takes you home. There is no pain or discomfort all you have to do is lay down in the chair and you wake up and everything is fixed.



I avoided my family until I had a smile transformation. I was very very unhappy with my smile. Just wasn't happy with the way that I looked, to the point where I really didn't want to speak that much to people. I think I came across as being a little rude. It was just because I didn't want to open my mouth and have a conversation with anybody. I stayed away from family functions, not because I didn't want to be there, but I just felt so uncomfortable that I found it easier to just stay at home, where I just wanted to crawl under a rock. …This is what I've been waiting for. I now feel like could go anywhere and do anything.



My husband [Darrell] needed a lot of dental work and we thought this was the exact place we needed to be. We looked into implants, we looked into dentures…I couldn't see him going through is life with dentures. He would have very little taste. …We decided this was the better choice to do. Everything went exactly the way they explained to us, and there was no need to go anywhere else. We have complete faith and trust in Dr. Wright. I feel very confident with his care. His demeanor and personality just make painless dentistry. He has a beautiful smile now, and he can eat things he couldn't eat before.

Darrell & Diane