At Just Wright Dental, we only use materials that interact favorably with your natural oral structures, such as tooth-colored composite resin fillings and lifelike porcelain dental crowns. However, fillings and crowns still require tooth preparation to accommodate them. Inlays and onlays are more conservative versions of tooth fillings and dental crowns, designed to replace only the compromised tooth structure. For instance, an inlay is a smaller version of a filling that fits within the cavity of your tooth, and an onlay is a partial crown that fits over the tooth structure. Inlays and onlays are custom-crafted to match the color and shade of your natural teeth so they blend in almost seamlessly with the rest of your smile.


When your tooth exhibits a small amount of tooth decay, placing a filling requires cleaning away the infection to make way for the restoration. To treat the tooth without compromising more tooth structure than is necessary, cavities can be restored with an inlay, which is crafted first and then placed into the cavity (making it an indirect restoration). Similarly, a tooth with minor damage might not require a full dental crown, in which case an onlay can be crafted and bonded precisely to the damaged area of the tooth.

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