Our goal is to always do everything we can to help you enjoy a beautiful and natural smile. However, some severe issues, including extreme tooth decay, dental damage, and gum disease, can lead to the need for tooth extraction to save the rest of your smile. Otherwise, decay might spread through the tooth’s root canal, damage can grow worse and affect the soft tissues around the tooth, and gum disease can erode your supportive dental structures, causing your teeth to shift or become loose. Dr. Wright only recommends tooth extraction when necessary, meaning no other restorative treatment will suffice to save the tooth.


Even though your tooth may be beyond saving, your bite still depends on the presence of all of your teeth. To preserve that balance and avoid subsequent problems, Dr. Wright may discuss your options for replacing the tooth after it’s been extracted. For instance, a dental bridge can be placed on the neighboring teeth to fill the gap. Or a dental implant post can be inserted into the empty socket in the jawbone, then topped with a lifelike dental crown.

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