At Just Wright Dental and Implant Center transforming smiles in just one day is our passion. Discouraged patients walk into our office every day fed up with ill-fitting dentures or embarrassed by missing or broken teeth, and walk out with a beautiful, new smile and outlook on life thanks to our highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art All-On-4 dental implant technology. Our financial team works with patients in advance to help make their new smile a financial reality and our surgical team ensures the procedure is virtually painless thanks to our in-house sedation options.



  • Comprehensive treatment planning tailored to your dental goals
  • Three-Dimensional imaging of your teeth and jaw
  • Development of a precise surgical guide to ensure proper positioning of implants
  • Gentle sedation options to ensure your comfort
  • Certified paramedic assigned to closely monitor your status throughout the procedure
  • Removal of damaged and decayed teeth in preparation for implant placement
  • Precise placement of new dental implants
  • Design and creation of natural looking, fixed prosthetic teeth made to your exact specifications and esthetics
  • All appointments, treatment and maintenance performed in one comfortable and convenient location.
  • Guidance and support throughout the entire process


A dental implant consists of three parts – a titanium screw that serves as a tooth root and is anchored into the jawbone, an abutment, which sits in the center of the screw and is what attaches the third component, the part that looks like a real tooth, the implant crown. Together, these parts combine to create the closest option to a natural tooth making dental implants the absolute best choice when it comes to replacing a missing tooth.

At Just Wright Dental and Implant Center we can use as few as four dental implants to replace all of your teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth. Once the implants are placed, a special titanium bar with a custom created implant denture is designed for each All-on-4 patient and then securely attached to the implants.

This permanent implant denture looks and functions like your natural teeth. Because it the implants integrate into the jawbone just like a natural tooth root and because it doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth, patients can simply go back to living they way they did before they had a single tooth problem, including eating all of the foods they love, all without any of the worry, frustration or embarrassment that traditional denture wearers face.


  • Best and most natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth
  • Looks and Functions like your natural teeth
  • Replaces all teeth and transforms smile in one day
  • Custom designed to your specifications
  • Teeth are permanently secured into place
  • Give you the freedom to eat the foods you love
  • Eliminates the pain and frustration associated with a traditional denture
  • Preserves your jawbone and helps maintain a more youthful facial structure
  • With proper care will last a lifetime

Just Wright Dental and Implant Center in Corsicana, Texas

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Had wisdom teeth extracted today and from the minute I walked in a was so comfortable! The staff was great and constantly checked on me! Definitely had a great experience!!!
Amanda Brotherton
Amanda Brotherton
21:58 16 Jun 21
Everyone plays a role at their job and I have to say every single one of these lovely people know their role here!!! Friendliest people that make you feel comfortable and ease your emotions about dental work!!! Awesome team you have here!! I highly recommend Just Wright Dental!!!
Susie Jackson
Susie Jackson
20:06 16 Jun 21
Always professional, whether it’s the front desk, hygienist, assistants and of course Dr. Wright.❤️absolutely love this office❤️
Linda Christy
Linda Christy
18:51 02 Jun 21
I can’t tell you what a great experience it was at Just Wright Dental. Never enjoyed going to dentist in my whole life because if such bad issues growing up. You want a dentist and staff who really care about you? Then this office is the place for you. Everyday I look in the mirror and smile and so grateful they helped me. Don’t wait….call them today!
Brenda Plemons
Brenda Plemons
13:07 29 May 21
I’m fortunate to have a great relationship with my hygienist, I was lucky to get help during a holiday, several days of pain were avoided.
Tim Barnebee
Tim Barnebee
19:19 26 May 21
The best in the business!
Seven One
Seven One
19:18 20 May 21
The pretty ladies were a bright spot in my morning. Very friendly from the moment I walked in until I left! My smile was almost as bright as they were!
Danny Hanna
Danny Hanna
17:54 20 May 21
I get my teeth cleaned every six months. All of the folks at Just Wright Dental are top notch! They take good care of my overall dental/oral health.
Beth Holt
Beth Holt
17:08 20 May 21
We had a wonderful experience today at Just Wright Dental…my son needed work on his teeth, and they were so patient and guided him through the process while doing exceptional work. I highly recommend them!!! MBiltz
18:42 18 May 21
1st Class and Gentle Dental Care. TechnologyIs 21st century and the personal care is over theTop!
Phil Judson
Phil Judson
15:49 05 May 21
The BEST of the BEST! FOR SURE! “PAINLESS DENTISTRY”!!! True patient care, from a crew of wonderful people!
Ricky Dyer
Ricky Dyer
23:53 28 Apr 21
October 8, 2019 — My crown had come off. Just Wright Dental scheduled me at my earliest available time. Dr. Wright re-seated my crown . My bite was good without further adjustment.December 15, 2020 — My teeth had crunched down on a cherry pit. Photos taken, no damage was found, and no charge.
Steven Jessup
Steven Jessup
18:13 28 Apr 21
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