A Fully Supported Denture On Only 4 Implants
In Just One Day!

Complete edentulism (loss of all teeth), or partial tooth loss, can be devastating, and a jawbone that loses the stimulation supplied by the roots can quickly lose strength and density due to bone resorption.

For patients who’ve lost all of their teeth the prospect of receiving enough implant posts to support the denture can seem intimidating. Fortunately, we are proud to offer All-On-4® implants, which consist of only four strategically placed implant posts that effectively support a complete denture. Better yet, the procedure can be completed in just one day at our dental implant surgical center!

All-On-4® implants allow you to enjoy the benefits of implant supported dentures—including easier cleaning and improved jawbone strength—even if you’ve already lost jawbone density or do not qualify for more extensive oral surgery.

For patients missing all the teeth on their upper or lower dental ridge, All-On-4® Implants can offer a comprehensive solution while minimizing the amount of implant surgery needed.

All-On-4® involves the strategic placement of only four implant posts to effectively absorb the pressure of your entire bite, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of dental implants even if you require extensive tooth replacement.

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