“Since Dr. Wright has done his magic, it’s been fantastic. I have no more problems. I eat like normal. I love my smile.”


“It was my daughters first dentist appointment and she’s a social kid.They made me feel comfortable and answered every question I had.”


“I can assure you I was free of pain all the way through and was very, very satisfied with the work.”


“It’s been very, very good for me. I’ve had a lot of compliments on my top teeth. People think that they’re real, and they are real!”


“I recommend [Dr. Wright] all that I can; I think he’s the greatest dentist in the world.”


Wisdom Teeth Removed In Time For Chemo

I Feel Comfortable, Like I’m Part Of A Family

Teeth Extracted Painlessly On The Same Day With Sedation

They Made Treatment Fit My Budget

Wanted New Teeth In A Day And That’s What He Got!

Enjoys All His Favorite Foods He Was Unable To Eat

Don’t Cover Your Mouth. Show Your Teeth

It Feels Great to Sing Again

I Could Not Ask For Better Customer Service

Afraid To Be Seen In Public, But Not Anymore

Kindness, Cooperation and Financial Help

Got Straight To The Problem That Other Dentists Missed

Walked Into The Office And Immediately Felt At Ease

Cancer Meds Destroyed Teeth, Now Look Who’s Laughing

My Complex Filling Case Was No Problem

Visits Are Punctual With Quick Professional Solutions

They Made What Was Very Imperfect, Perfect

They Relived My Fears And Made Treatment Affordable

I Went From A Discolored Partial To Loving My Smile

No More Loose Dentures

I Had A Really Bad Infection But He Solved The Problem

Avoided Her Family Until She Had A Smile Transformation

Everything Went Just As Explained For Our Implant Case

Wanted A New Smile And Felt Fortunate To Find Us

I Didn’t Want To Be One Of Those People With No Teeth

You Just Feel Like You Are Doing The Right Thing

New Teeth In One Saturday Morning

3 Fillings, 2 Extractions, 1 Implant, 0 Pain

Replaced All My Uppers And Got Me Out Of Dentures

3 Fillings, 2 Extractions, 1 Implant, 0 Pain

They Met Me After Hours And Gave A True Consultation

He Not Only Fixed My Teeth, He Saved My Life

Dr. Wright Makes Me Feel 100% Comfortable

Beat Stage 4 Oral Cancer And Loves His New Smile

He Called Me Every Day Just To Check On Me

Dr. Wright’s Just So Fun. He Inspires Me To Be A Dentist

When I’m At Dad’s Practice I Like To Give Out Water