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At Just Wright Dental and Implant Center transforming smiles in just one day is our passion. Discouraged patients walk into our office every day fed up with ill-fitting dentures or embarrassed by missing or broken teeth, and walk out with a beautiful, new smile and outlook on life thanks to our highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art dental implant technology.

Our team has simplified the process of helping patients understand how the procedure works, what to expect and how they can make their treatment a financial reality all before they ever walk in the door. Because of that, we spend the time at their consultation appointment getting to know each patient and their unique dental goals. We take a 3-dimensional x-ray of their mouth, complete a full assessment, provide them with options for treatment, and explain the healing timeline.  At the end of this appointment, most patients are ready to commit to a new smile and confidently set a surgery date.

On their surgery day, the patient arrives with someone who can drive them home. The IV sedation we administer means patients won’t remember the procedure and simply wake up a few hours later with the smile they’ve always wanted fixed in place by dental implants. Most patients are surprised to realize they experienced only mild swelling and minimal soreness afterward and almost every patient says their only regret is not moving forward with treatment sooner.

Each dental implant patient of the Just Wright Dental and Implant Center can expect the highest-level of care and service from our team, including:

  • Comprehensive treatment planning tailored to your dental goals
  • Three-Dimensional imaging of your teeth and jaw
  • Development of a precise surgical guide to ensure proper positioning of implants
  • Gentle sedation options to ensure your comfort
  • Certified paramedic assigned  to closely monitor your status throughout the procedure
  • Removal of damaged and decayed teeth in preparation for implant placement
  • Precise placement of new dental implants
  • Design and creation of natural looking, fixed prosthetic teeth made to your exact specifications and esthetics 
  • All appointments, treatment and maintenance performed in one comfortable and convenient location.
  • Guidance and support throughout the entire process.
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New Teeth That Look And Feel As Your Natural As Your Own

The number of implants you receive and the type of restoration they support depends on how many teeth you’ve lost. If you’re only missing one tooth, then a single implant and dental crown will suffice to replace it. Supporting a bridge to replace two or more teeth will require two implant posts at either side of the bridge. Patients who require complete dentures may benefit from All-On-4® Implants, which only require four implant posts to support the denture.

Regardless of your situation, your new restorations will look, feel, and function as if they were your own.

Natural Looking Crowns

Dental crowns are lifelike replicas of teeth that are made from lifelike materials such as dental porcelain. Crowns are affixed to your new implant and are designed to restore a tooth’s function as well as its healthy appearance.

dental implants

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are frequently recommended for patients who’ve lost one or more adjacent teeth, and can often be supported by dental implants to preserve your remaining healthy teeth.

All-On-Four – Implant Supported Dentures

For patients missing all the teeth on their upper or lower dental ridge, All-On-4® Implants can offer a comprehensive solution while minimizing the amount of implant surgery needed.

dental implants

Before and After Results

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