Even when your teeth and oral tissues are free of infection and disease, other issues can disrupt your smile’s harmony, such as bruxism and TMJ disorder. Bruxism is the consistent grinding of your teeth, and patients who exhibit it often grind their teeth mostly at night. TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, affects the muscles and joints that control your lower jaw.  Both conditions can be caused by, and lead to, imbalances in your bite pressure. In many cases, Dr. Wright can recalibrate that pressure with a gentle, non-invasive treatment such as a custom-made oral appliance. The appliance will be designed using highly detailed measurements of your teeth and dental ridges to ensure optimal comfort and results.


Like most dental issues, the specifics of bruxism or TMJ treatment will depend on the nature and severity of your condition. For instance, in addition to an appliance, Dr. Wright might also suggest an appropriate restorative treatment to repair any tooth structure that bruxism may have damaged. For patients with TMJ disorder, the appliance may be used in conjunction with targeted Botox® treatment, which helps the jaw joints and muscles relax and recover.  Treating bruxism and TMJ disorder not only stops dental destruction, but also alleviates common symptoms such as chronic headaches, jaw and facial muscle pain, and difficulty biting and chewing properly.

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