After decades of exposure to colorful foods and beverages, not to mention things like alcohol consumption and tobacco use, your teeth can eventually begin to stain and lose their bright glow. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening can effectively erase those stains and significantly brighten your smile in as little as two weeks. At Just Wright Dental, our teeth whitening kit is custom-designed to make applying the gel easy and comfortable so you can brighten your smile without having to interrupt your hectic daily schedule. If your teeth are stained, or no longer seem as brilliant as they once were, ask Dr. Wright about the benefits of teeth whitening during your next visit.



The first step to teeth whitening is a thorough examination to determine that the procedure is your best option. For instance, if your teeth are discolored are stained because of an underlying issue, like tooth decay, then your smile may require more involved treatment. If teeth whitening is the best solution, then Dr. Wright will design a set of custom trays that fit comfortably over your teeth, allowing you to apply the potent bleaching agent safely and evenly to the surfaces of your teeth. The aligners and gel should be worn for at least a couple of hours each day, although you can choose to wear yours in the morning, evening, or night depending on the time that’s most convenient for you.

< class="section-title section-title-normal">Why Choose Just Wright Dental for Teeth Whitening
  • We Offer Top-Of-The-Line Or High-Quality Teeth Whitening Methods/Products In The Area
  • Tooth Whitening Is A Fast And Affordable Way To Improve Your Smile
  • Professional Whitening Typically Far Outperforms Home Whitening Methods
  • There Are Many Different Types Of Whitening Solutions To Choose From, Dr. Wright Will Guide You Through Your Options
  • Let A Trusted, Local Top Rated Dentist Give You The Best Looking White Teeth At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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