Many dental conditions, particularly gum disease, can sometimes take years to reach the point where they threaten your dental health. For many patients, by the time they seek treatment, gum disease or other issues have already led to moderate or severe tooth loss. When a dental bridge isn’t enough to effectively rebuild your smile, a partial or full denture may be your best option. With a combination of years of experience, advanced dental technology, and high-quality restorative materials, we can craft a lifelike partial or full denture so you can once again enjoy a beautiful, complete smile!


Unlike a bridge, a partial denture can be designed to span your entire upper or lower dental ridge, replacing teeth that you’ve lost while leaving spaces for the teeth that remain. A partial can be fashioned for your upper or lower dental ridge, or both, if necessary to complete your smile. A full denture consists of an entire row of realistic replacement teeth arranged on a comfortable, gum-colored plastic base. The teeth are precisely designed to match your healthy, natural dentition, and the base is crafted to fit comfortably but snugly over your gums for support.

For many patients, Dr. Wright recommends supporting partial and full dentures on a series of dental implants. If you require a full denture, then All-On-4® Implants can offer a conservative solution to supporting your prosthesis on only four strategically placed implant posts. All-On-4® allows you to enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures while minimizing the amount of implant surgery needed.

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