Have you ever skipped brushing your teeth? Chances are the answer is yes. When you did, do you remember that slimy feeling on your teeth? That’s plaque. While most people believe that it is sugar that damages your teeth, that’s not the complete truth. Take our fun quiz below to find out how much you know about the role tartar, plaque, and sugar play in your tooth health.

True And False Quiz

True or False: Plaque consists mostly of sugar.

True or False: The bacteria in plaque feeds on sugar.

True or False:  Plaque turns into tartar.

True or False: Biannual cleanings are important to your oral health.


False: Plaque is a mixture of saliva, harmful oral bacteria, acids produced by the bacteria, and leftover food debris.

True: The harmful oral bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth feeds on sugars and starches leftover from the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. As the bacteria metabolize the sugars they produce acids that dissolve your healthy tooth structure (tooth decay).

True: We brush our teeth to remove plaque before it causes tooth decay. If left unremoved, plaque will begin to harden into tartar within a 24-hour period. Brushing your teeth will not remove tartar. It can only be removed via professional teeth cleaning.

True: The reason we attend biannual dental cleanings is for tartar removal. Despite how diligent you are with your home hygiene, you can still miss areas of plaque which will harden into tartar. If these areas are not removed via professional cleaning, they can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease.


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