Preserving your natural tooth structure is the number one goal of dentistry. Dentists want you to be able to maintain your natural teeth for your lifetime. Although there are many ways, and various reasons that this doesn’t happen in everyone’s case, the many advancements dentistry has seen over the years, has helped to make this so. If you need some dental work but are worried about preserving your natural tooth structure, dental bonding may be an option for you.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick, easy, and affordable treatment that can help you improve your smile while preserving your natural tooth structure. Dental bonding utilizes a composite resin material that is added to your tooth or teeth, requiring no tooth structure to be removed beforehand. Bonding can be used for restorative purposes or for cosmetic reasons. For instance, dental bonding can be used to restore a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth; or to fortify a compromised tooth. Cosmetic reasons for dental bonding can include:

  • To whiten teeth
  • To lengthen teeth that you feel are too short
  • To eliminate oddly spaced teeth, or gaps between teeth
  • To improve the shape of a tooth
  • To smooth out rough areas of enamel
  • To smooth jagged or rough edges around a tooth

How It’s Done

Dental bonding is an easy procedure. It is not painful and requires no drilling or anesthesia. The steps include:

Step #1: Once your treatment has been agreed upon, you and your dentist will choose the shade of composite resin that most closely resembles the color of your teeth.

Step #2: Next, your dentist will gently etch the surface of your tooth or teeth to obtain a slightly rough texture to which the composite will effectively bond.

Step #3: Next, the tooth is coated with a special liquid that also helps the bonding material adhere effectively.

Step #4: The putty-like resin is applied to the tooth, smoothed and/or shaped and then hardened with a special “curing” light.

Step #5: The resin is now part of your tooth and is polished to the same sheen of your teeth.


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