You should feel good about defeating a dental disease, especially before it causes significant damage. However, you could feel even better about having a strong, healthy, and disease-free smile for life with proper care and effective preventive measures. As part of our dedication to your lifelong dental health, we explain why regular preventive dentistry matters to your smile’s lifelong health and integrity, and how it can help you avoid more extensive dental treatment.

What Preventive Dentistry Means

There are a number of issues that threaten your oral health. If any of them are allowed to develop, then appropriate treatment will have to be custom-prescribed according to the nature and severity of the condition. On the other hand, most oral health issues originate from the same source—excessive oral bacteria. Controlling mouth germs and the dental plaque they form is one of the cornerstones of effective dental prevention, so be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, every day. At your regular dental checkups and cleanings, we can ensure that all residual plaque, and its more stubborn form tartar, is removed from your teeth and gum line. Your dentist can also check for early signs of disease and prescribe treatment to prevent the issue from causing excessive damage.

Why Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Although prevention is fairly simple and straightforward in theory, a single glitch in your routine is all that’s needed for dental diseases to grab a foothold on your smile. For instance, if your toothbrush misses a small spot of plaque, it can harden into tartar, which is impervious to your toothbrush and floss. From this sticky, protective biofilm, oral bacteria have a better opportunity to cause tooth decay and gum disease, which can destroy your smile and the foundation that supports it. In severe cases, such conditions could lead to tooth loss or more.

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