Those morning cups of coffee may be great for jumpstarting your mornings, but they don’t do much for your teeth. Coffee, soda, tea and red wine are some of the worst culprits when it comes to darkening your smile. And while genetics and a person’s lifestyle habits also play a role in the brightness of an individual’s smile, advances in dental technology have opened the door for options when it comes to whitening teeth.

The outer, visible layer of the tooth is called the enamel. Although tooth enamel is considered the hardest substance in the human body – even harder than bones – it can dissolve, decay or become weakened when exposed to acids and bacteria, which are common in the mouth. Daily habits of eating and drinking affect enamel, which is why good oral hygiene is key to keeping your smile bright and white.

But even the best home care can’t always keep teeth looking their best. Just like it’s impossible to keep a brand-new pair of white sneakers perfectly clean if you wear them, the same is true for your teeth. At Just Wright Dental, we offer two great options for patients interested in whitening their teeth. 

The first option involves customized bleaching trays. Typically, done during a routine dental cleaning appointment, this whitening option is best suited for individuals who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. A mold of the patient’s teeth is made, from which a heavy plastic bleaching tray is created. In addition to the trays, patients are also given several syringes of bleaching gel. After brushing their teeth, patients place small drops of the gel inside the bleaching trays and place the trays in their mouth. Most patients wear the trays for about 30 minutes each day for 7 to 10 days to reach their fullest whitening potential.  One of the benefits to selecting the customized tray option is the ability to purchase additional whitening gel any time throughout the year for touch-up whitening as desired.

For patients looking for a whitening at lightning-fast speed, we are proud to offer ZOOM Whitespeed. This in-office treatment involves three 15 minute sessions, which can be done on different dates, but is typically performed in one sitting. This treatment uses a special LED light to help patients safely reach a brighter, whiter smile in no time. A team member applies a special gel to the teeth before positioning the light in front of the patient’s mouth. While individual results can vary, ZOOM Whitespeed is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes.

If you’re ready for brighter, whiter smile this summer, look no further than Just Wright Dental and call us today!

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy.