Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once helps keep your smile beautiful as well as healthy. But sometimes, teeth can stain from the years of exposure to food, drinks, and more. The good news is that when good hygiene can’t prevent teeth stains, professional teeth whitening can quickly and safely erase them. For the best teeth whitening results, your teeth should be otherwise healthy, and you can prolong those results by keeping up with your hygiene and preventive dentistry routines!  

How Teeth Whitening Works

The most common teeth stains develop on the surfaces of your teeth and are therefore known as extrinsic (external) stains. Teeth whitening is designed to address even the most stubborn extrinsic teeth stains by chemically breaking up and removing them. The bleaching agent is safe but effective, and as it breaks up teeth stains, it also oxidizes the tooth structure to make your teeth brighter and more youthful-looking.

How to Prolong the Results

Even after professional teeth whitening, extrinsic stains can eventually develop again. However, you can prolong their reappearance and keep your smile brighter for longer by taking good care of your teeth, such as brushing and flossing every day, without fail. Plaque develops constantly, and can quickly calcify into tartar, which increases teeth staining as well as your risks of cavities, gum disease, and more. Brushing and flossing control plaque buildup and helps keep your smile healthy and attractive. When possible, brush your teeth after every meal and snack. If not possible, then rinse your mouth carefully with water to wash away food particles and harmful, teeth-staining substances.

Keep Your Smile Brighter for Longer!

After brightening your smile with teeth whitening, you can prolong your smile’s bright new appearance by maintaining good hygiene and regular care at your dentist’s office! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Just Wright Dental in Corsicana, TX, today by calling (903) 225-2221.