For some it’s the eyes, others say it’s hair, but according to a USA Today poll, 47 percent of people surveyed said the first thing they notice about a person they meet for the first time is their smile.

A smile is the result of feeling happy and sharing that with the world. But far too often, genuinely happy people hide their smiles because they are embarrassed of them.  There are countless reasons why a person may not be happy with their smile. For some patients, genetics handed them teeth that are prone to disease, others may have broken or missing teeth due to an accident and in some cases, patients may have neglected their dental care in their early years, sometimes due to no fault of their own, and now are suffering the consequences.

Regardless of the reason, at Just Wright Dental, we take pride in being able to not only provide our patients with the skill and technology necessary to transform their smile, but also give them options to make it affordable to do so.  And the results for our patients, are truly life changing.

Just recently, a 55-year-old lady stopped in our office for a consultation. She had gone to another dentist for an evaluation and that doctor told her she needed a traditional upper denture and a removable partial on the bottom. She was concerned because she knew that a traditional denture would not be very stable in her mouth. She wanted to be able to eat and speak without the worry of teeth coming out of her mouth and she wanted a smile she could be proud of.

Within two weeks of her initial visit with us, this patient was scheduled in our office for implant supported dentures on her upper and lower teeth under IV sedation. The patient came into the office with the smile she’d been hiding for years, and a few short hours later, she left with a brand-new smile. When she returned to the office for her post-op visit two weeks later, the staff almost didn’t recognize her. Not just because of her beautiful new smile, but because her entire demeanor had changed.

She gushed over how much she “LOVED” her new teeth, but shared with us a statement that we hear time and time again and is the reason we are so passionate about what we do. She said that the effervescent person we were seeing now was really the person she’s always been, she’d just hidden it along with the smile she was embarrassed of.  “Because of you, I found myself again and for that I will always be grateful,” she told us. “If I had known about you I would have done this a long time ago!”

If you or someone you love is hiding behind a smile they’re not proud of, we encourage you to call our office today and let us help you take back the self-esteem and pride that is keeping you from enjoying life to its fullest.

Dr. Justin Wright is a general dentist in Corsicana with an affinity for implant dentistry and bow fishing. When he’s not regaling his patients of his outdoor exploits, he’s spending time with his wife Jenni and their two young sons, Cooper and Cy. To learn more about his practice or how he and his team can help you or your family keep your smiles healthy, call 903-225-2330 or visit