The decision to restore your smile isn’t a small one and choosing between different methods of treatment can be exhausting.  All-On-4® Implants are one of the simplest, most permanent means of restoring original function to your mouth.  Four implants are placed in your bone, and after a brief healing period, a permanent, titanium-reinforced bridge of teeth is placed.  The cost of All-On-4® Implant restorations can cause some to pause, but the benefits of this treatment far outweigh the expense. 

Restoring your mouth serves both a functional purpose as well as the positive psychological impact of a beautiful smile. When your jaw is no longer supported by teeth, over time you can develop a condition known as a collapsed bite.  In addition to the inability to chew food well, it can lead to many secondary issues including headaches, jaw and neck pain and disorders of the temporomandibular joint (or TMJ). 

Instead of replacing individual teeth with implant supported crowns, this method uses four implants, strategically placed using computer guided surgery to determine where the most bone is.  This enables people that have areas of bone loss to restore their smile without the need for bone grafting and can reduce the failure of the implants themselves.

Over the course of a person’s life, the soft tissue of your mouth changes.  Gums recede and as you age your dental ridges may change.  Traditional dentures need to be relined every so many years because they become loose over time.  This can affect your speech, ability to chew well and can cause sore spots in your mouth.  They can also get lost or crack if dropped.  

The cost of All-On-4® Implants is also less over time compared to most traditional dentures. With this method, a precision-milled bridge is directly and permanently cemented into place over the implants themselves and don’t rely on the soft tissue for support.  When the implants are placed, a provisional bridge with be inserted while your tissue heals, and the implants integrate into your bone. Once this healing time passes, a permanent titanium-reinforced bridge will be cemented over the implant abutments.  There is no relining necessary and they won’t get lost in your purse or accidently be thrown out.  There’s also no need for sticky, goopy denture adhesives and you’ll always be able to speak clearly without worry of your dentures slipping. Chances are you’ll forget they’re even there – try doing that with traditional dentures!

With dedicated home care and regular in-office cleanings and exams, the All-On-4® Implant method can last many years and restore function to your mouth and give you the self-confidence to smile.  The cost of All-On-4® Implants may seem like a big investment, but the ability to chew and a beautiful smile are priceless.