A fractured tooth isn’t a subtle issue. Even if you can’t immediately see the damage, a fracture will usually cause noticeable to severe tooth discomfort, depending on its severity. The problem with a cracked or fractured tooth is that it won’t heal itself, and the discomfort (as well as the fracture) will only grow worse until the tooth is restored. Fortunately, your dentist offers a number of different options that not only restore your tooth but also improve its overall appearance. If you’ve got a tooth facture, then we can fix it with a custom treatment designed specifically for you.

Lifelike Dental Crown

A dental crown, or cap, is a replica of your tooth’s top portion (also called the tooth’s crown). The restoration is placed over the fractured tooth to shield and protect it, preventing the fracture from growing worse under the pressure of your bite. With the help of a custom dental crown, you can save your damaged tooth from having to be extracted, and therefore preserve your healthy, natural smile.

Conservative Porcelain Veneer

If your fracture isn’t severe, then you might not need to completely cover the tooth with a dental crown to fix it. In fact, some cracks and fractures are merely cosmetic and can be corrected with a porcelain veneer, instead. A veneer is a wafer-thin shell of porcelain and is designed to closely mimic the front surface of a healthy, natural tooth. A veneer may be able to repair and improve your tooth while helping you preserve a maximum amount of the tooth’s healthy structure.

Fix Your Tooth Fracture with the Right Treatment

If your tooth is fractured, then visit your dentist and learn about your various options to fix it. To schedule a consultation, call Just Wright Dental in Corsicana, TX, today by calling (903) 225-2221.