The most common reason for tooth extraction is the extraction of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause a myriad of problems when trying to erupt. However, there are other reasons you might need a tooth extracted. Tooth extraction is usually the very last treatment a dentist will choose, so if your dentist recommends an extraction, it’s likely that he or she ruled out all possibility of saving your tooth. If you do have a tooth extracted, it is important to consider having it replaced as soon as possible to avoid the development of other, more serious dental issues.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

It is always best to save as much natural tooth structure as possible, and that is why there are so many choices of dental treatments and procedures. Your dentist will consider all ways to save your natural tooth before recommending an extraction. However, in certain cases extraction may be the only option available. Some reasons for extraction include:

Excessive damage: A tooth that is too badly damaged from decay or trauma.

Crowding:  Crowded teeth can present many nooks and crannies for decay to manifest itself. Crowded teeth can also lead to other dental problems. If you are going to have your teeth straightened, one or more teeth may require removal to make room to straighten the rest.

Infection: Excessive damage, decay, or even a crack, can leave your pulp vulnerable to bacterial infection. In such cases, a root canal can often save the tooth. However, if the infection cannot be treated, extraction may be needed to prevent it from spreading. Also, if your immune system is compromised (due to chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, etc.), the possible risk of infection can be reason enough to pull the tooth so the infection does not compromise your health.

Gum Disease: Advanced gum disease can lead to loose teeth, in which case, those teeth will need to be pulled.


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